How to Order

Selecting a Flow meter is easy… and our staff is always glad to help!

Step 1 - Select a product category and product that best fits your application.

Step 2 – Select the item #, the item # defines the (a) body size, (b) connection type and (c) material type.

A) Body Size- pipe size at the meter inlet. Select from Standard Flow Rate and Body Size Table.

B) Connection Type (Series) -

  1. Threaded units provided with FNPT connection Standard. FBSP parallel threads available on request for Bronze and Monel meters.

  2. Wafer units mount between any standard 150 # and 300 # class flanges (or international equivalent).

C) Materials -

1= Bronze    2= Monel   3= Stainless Steel

Select 1 to 5 items to either compare items or request information (Step 3) to complete the flow meter model number.

Step 3 – Select (d) flow direction, (e) flow range, (f) housing material and (g) options.

D) Flow Direction - Select L, R, VUL, VUR, VDL, VDR (see diagram).

E) Flow Range (full scale)- Select from Standard Flow Rates and Body Sizes from chart. Prefix full scale with “M” for metric meters.

F) Housing - ABS Standard, F-Aluminum w/Plastic Dial Crystal Optional and F2 – Aluminum w/Glass Dial Crystal.

G) Options (if required) - Select from table of options. Note: for gas service, select option I and specify gas being measured, inlet temperature and pressure.
Complete information section and submit for request for quote or additional information.
Example (complete model number):
3/4" - 7 1 - R - 20 - AD - 1S2
I   I I   I   I   I   I
  a   b   c   d   e   f   g


Flow Direction


Series 7000 (Threaded) and Series 8000 (Wafer)

Series 7000 (Threaded) and Series 8000 (Wafer)

*Note ¼” and low flow options available in Series 7000 only

Optional Low Flow Rates (Option ES)

Optional Low Flow Rates (Option ES)

Series 8000 (Wafer) only

Series 8000 (Wafer) only

Net Pressure Drop

Curve A – Bronze Bellows
Curve B – Monel, SST and Inconel Bellows


Dials & Scales

Table of Options

A      Viton Seals
B      EPR Seals
B2    Teflon Seals
C      Calibrated for Specific Gravity
D      Gasketed Case (NEMA 4X, IP66, ABS housing only)
D2    Gasketed Case w / Condulet (NEMA 4X IP66)
E      Non-Standard Flow Rate
ES    Low Rate (Below 2 GPM)
F      Aluminum Housing w / Plastic Dial Crystal
F2     Aluminum Housing w / Glass Dial Crystal
G      Custom Scales and Dials
H       High Pressure Service
I        Compressed Gas Service
J       Peak Flow Indicator
K      Saturated Steam Service
N      Ammonia Service
P      Panel Mount
R2    Remote Readout, Bronze
R3    Remote Readout, 316 SST
T      Expanded Temperature Service
V     High Viscosity Service

4-Wire Transmitter Options:

W    4-20mA DC Linear Output Signal
X      Hi / Lo Alarm Relays
Y      0 - 1000 Hz Frequency Output Signal
Z      Combination of W, X, & Y

2-Wire Transmitter Options:

W2   4-20mA DC Square Root Signal, w/Mechanical                    Indicator
W3   4-20mA DC Square Root Signal, Blind Transmitter
RW3 Digital Display Indicator w/Rate & Total

Reed Switch Options (Flo-Gage & Flo-Gard):

-1S2  1 Single Pole Double Throw Reed Switch
-2S2  2 Single Pole Double Throw Reed Switches


-EM  Electromagnetic Compatibility
-IS    Intrinsic Safety (W2 or W3 Option Only)

*Note: Not all option can be combined, consult factory for details.


SK-1     Compressed Air Survey Kit
DR-1     Remote Digital Display
PS-24    24Vdc Power Supply
KT-1      Brass Fittings for R2 Option
KT-3      Stainless Steel Fittings for R3 Option

Flow Calibration Notes:

Calibration Certificates and 5 - point N.I.S.T calibration certificates are available upon request for an additional charge. Contact factory for details.

Recommended Meter Materials